Transformation and functional expansion of Elter's web store

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Elter Világítástechnika Kft. is Hungary's market-leading retailer and wholesaler of lamps. In addition to their stores in Budapest and Szekszárd, they place great emphasis on online sales.Along with updating the outdated design, they also wanted to expand the webshop with new features and seamless SAP integration. After a process consisting of detailed UX research, UX design, and UI design steps, Cheppers delivered a Drupal-based e-commerce solution.
Elter webáruház design

The task

The Szekszárd-based Elter Kft., one of the largest lamp retailers in Hungary, approached Cheppers in 2019 to renew its existing web store.

In recent years, the range of products sold by the company has expanded, requiring a more detailed menu system and more accurate search and filtering features on the sales interface.

Elter has also made great improvements in the range of services it offers, so new solutions were needed to allow ordering multi-component, configurable lamps online. There was a need for resellers as well as interior designers to design features that make placing an order easier, as well as to incorporate features that support the service of those who come into their stores. In addition, an important goal was to speed up the website and update the outdated look.

Elter webáruház design 2

Key challenges

By 2009, Elter’s workflows had become so complex that they needed a complex corporate governance system. As a solution to flexibly adapt to the company’s growth, they switched to using SAP that year, however, the automatic, real-time, SAP integration of the order has not yet taken place.

In addition to designing and developing new features, connecting to SAP was one of the biggest challenges of the project. Furthermore, as in the case of all website changes, care had to be taken to ensure that search engine optimization, ie the previously achieved search engine rankings of, were not damaged due to the content and structural changes.

Elter webáruház design folyamat

The process

UX/UI research and design

The project began with a detailed UX research phase, during which we clarified the needs of visitors through user interviews. The new web store is not only used by retail customers, but also by employees of Elter stores, resellers and interior designers who place orders on a daily basis.

When redesigning, our goal was to create the most smooth shopping process: we wanted to make sure that the webshop structure was logical for all user groups and that the online shopping interface was easy to use. To ensure all this, we also validated the structure and surface design plans of the new site with user tests.

We also created two visual designs for the site, from which the customer's choice fell into a more serious, classic style that reflects family traditions and reliability.

Drupal development and SAP integration

The preparation of the functional specification of the site began during the UX / UI design process, a key part of which was the connection of the webshop with the client's corporate governance system. During the development of the SAP-side output we cooperated with iTelligence Hungary Kft. Although it took several months to clarify documentation needs, by the end of the collaboration, efficient and seamless SAP integration had been built.

With this, we delivered a Drupal-based e-commerce solution integrated with Elter’s own commercial processes.

The content structure of the website underwent major changes during the design and development process, which also affected the search engine optimization of the pages. In order not to damage the SEO position of due to the transformation, during the development we took care of keeping the meta-information of the remaining pages and to label the new pages with the schema according to

Elter webáruház eredmények


By the end of the web development process, we have developed a complex e-commerce platform for Elter that provides a smooth online shopping process for all user groups. Remote shoppers have access to complete product information on the site, where it is easy to select multi-component lamps, and interior designers can provide recommended order lists broken down by room. In addition, orders from Elter's physical store can also be recorded by store employees through the system now in place.

In addition to creating a seamless customer experience, we implemented the SAP integration of the webshop and ensured the search engine-optimized appearance of the new site. To track the long-term success of the transformation, we’ve integrated a trade analytics toolkit: with the integration of Google Enhanced E-Commerce, the owner gains access to detailed traffic statistics for the web store.

Elter webáruház


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