Drupal web development

We are active members of the Drupal developer community with many years of knowledge, and we offer our services for organisations and companies that are looking for a secure, trusted solution for their online products and websites.


We audit your Drupal website if you want us to further develop and operate your web service. The complex, fixed-pricing process involves the following steps.

Business logic overview

During each audit, we need to understand what business goals the particular website supports and what processes ensure that they are achieved. This ensures that the audit is a truly tailor-made process and that we learn about all the important, business-critical details of your service.

Code review

We check the modules used by the Drupal community (a.k.a contrib modules) used in the development of the website, and we examine the code of individual solutions.

Configuration review

Configuring the components that make up a website determines their behavior, from caching to processes. We compare the results with the expectations set for business goals and international benchmarks.

Performance and security

In addition to the test results of the first two factors that fundamentally determine the operation, we also provide suggestions for solving the identified problems.

Opportunities for further development

Check the possibility of expanding the site by Cheppers. We identify the development points needed to use the standard solutions and tools we use.


An audit documentation presenting the identified problems and solutions.


Consulting, architecture planning

A complex application usually consists of not one but several systems that work together. The selection of technological solutions, the specification of the development, and the design of the architecture are all part of the service. All this tailored to your company, your individual needs. Among other things, we consider the degree of data security required, the degree of availability required, the expected workload, the number of customers, typical tasks, and any unique features that play an important role in achieving your business goals.


  • A specification that includes plans for the operation of your application and the architecture required for the conditions of operation.

Custom Drupal development

If you need new features on your Drupal-based website that aren’t served by existing, community-developed modules, or you want to redesign a module to better fit your system into your processes, we’ll work it out.


  • Documentation, tests and their results, code.


Front-end development

We bring to life the web image captured in UI designs. We create interfaces based on unique business logic for new or existing Drupal pages. Development includes all stages of work, from design to coding, testing to launching the finished product.


  • Documentation, plans, tests and their results, code.