Strategic consulting

We identify the digital solution that best supports the achievement of the goals, and determine the steps and resources required for their implementation. Do you see the goal, but you can't decide on the way there and the solutions that can be used? Cheppers helps identify problems that arise, roll obstacles out of the way. We choose the solution that best suits your goals, takes into account your possibilities, uses our own experience and what we have learned from the mistakes of others. This will give you a real competitive advantage.


We will get to know your business, your goals, the tools used so far to achieve them, and the results you have achieved with their help. We map the available personal, infrastructural and business opportunities, and identify the existing shortcomings and weaknesses.


Industry outlook

We place your business and product on the market. We observe the direction of the market trends, the determining trends. We will track down your competitors, examine their strengths, show you what you can learn from them and where they may pose a threat to you.


We provide feasible and sustainable answers to the How? question. The best online solution available will be in line with the mission of the business, support the vision, and fit into the business strategy. We detail the steps of implementation, the necessary resources, time frame.


  • Documents containing the digital development strategy