UX research and UI design

We research users of your digital product, assess what they need, what problems they encounter. We analyze the information uncovered and design customized solutions.

UX/UI consulting


In which case we recommend:

  • If you need quick professional feedback.
  • We examine the usability of your product from a professional point of view
  • A document that summarizes the pages that need to be repaired, redesigned, UI components

Based on UX / UI Diagnosis, we can offer a product-specific UX / UI package that uses only the methods you really need.


In which case we recommend:

  • If you need a deeper professional analysis. If you want answers about your users ’level of satisfaction and problems or what functionality they would still need. If you want to know if your business ideas are reaching your target audience.

Deeper professional analysis

Usability tests to get answers about your users' behavior

  • In-depth analysis of target group: personal, user paths
  • UX / UI Audit is our deeper analytical service compared to UX / UI Diagnosis. We assess the needs, problems, goals and usability of your product with semi-structured interviews and usability tests. Interviews and tests are processed and analyzed.


UX planning and UX/UI design

UX research

  • Business strategy documentation
  • Interviews, workshops
  • Target group analysis: personal, user paths
  • Competition analysis
  • A document summarizing UX research

UX research is about clarifying and documenting business goals on the one hand, and getting to know the target group on the other: analyzing user needs, goals, and problems. The goal is to implement and synthesize these two aspects. We explore all this with the methods of design ethnography, service design and cognitive psychology: fieldwork, customer and user interviews and usability tests.

UX design

  • Information architecture
  • UX sample analysis
  • Wireframe designs
  • Prototype
  • Usability testing, analysis

UX design is about the visual implementation of the data discovered during the research. Each design decision can be traced back to the research result. We start UX design with the information architecture of the product, this method connects UX research with the formation of a visual hierarchy. For the user needs learned during the research, we collect UX samples, which are established, intuitive design solutions. From these, wireframes are prepared and iteratively tested with the target group. We repeat the testing until it becomes an intuitive, easy-to-understand product for the target group.

UI design

  • Brand book (logo, colors, typography, UI components, maintenance rules)
  • Final UI plans
  • Prototype

Usability testing, analysis

The purpose of UI design is to create an image. We choose typography, colors and language that reflect the identity of the target group (average age, social and societal status) and the characteristics of the brand / product, and we create illustrations. The designs are iteratively tested with real users.

Functional specification

  • Function list
  • Document summarizing expected operation

Based on accepted UI designs, we write a detailed and consistent functional specification that summarizes operational expectations and prepares your product for development.


  • UX Research Summary Document
  • Developed UX / UI plans
  • Usability test results
  • Functional specification