Web and mobile app development

Web applications that support business needs with the flexibility expected from custom developments while minimizing security risks.


As part of consulting, we assess, understand your business processes, and make an offer to implement a system that best supports that particular logic. We assess the available open source solutions and put together a cost-effective design for implementation.

Architecture plannign

A complex application usually consists of not one but several interacting components. The selection of devices and the specification of the architecture are part of the service. Selection and planning is always based on the specific business need. These may include: the degree of data security required, availability, expected workload, workload volatility, expected number of customers, typical tasks, and any characteristics that play an important role in achieving business objectives.



During the development, we prepare a plan based on the functional specification prepared from the consulting or during the UX / UI design, which includes the estimated time of the preparation of each element, the possible alternative solutions, their advantages and disadvantages. After accepting the plan, we will create the application within the given framework. Web applications are typically developed using PHP frameworks, but if the architecture requires them, we also create microservice applications in GO, RUBY, Python. Adapting to business needs, we work according to an agile methodology that also allows for continuous iteration of the application.

Database design

Not only is it important to store the data, but it needs to be listed in different ways, should be searchable, and easy to handle. Depending on these operations, the amount of data, and the structure, it is recommended to choose different types of database handlers. During database development, we select the tools and create database schemas that describe how the data is stored.


We perform the transformation, purification and standardization of the data stored in various existing databases and previous applications, and then load the data thus obtained into new databases within the framework of the service.


During the integration, we ensure the data flow between the systems, the connection and coordination of the different functions. This can be done in two directions: either we prepare the application we develop to connect to existing systems (eg corporate governance system, online invoicing via taxation systems, payment service provider, etc.), or we enable the application we develop to connect to other systems added (e.g. mobile application, company management system, etc.).

Performance tuning

As part of the service, we examine the delivered application, look for the points where it is most effective to increase performance, and then make the necessary adjustments.


  • Construction offer
  • A database solution that best serves your needs
  • Solutions capable of communicating with external systems
  • A web application that meets your needs